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Administration exists to oversee and manage the non-profit organizational aspect of the parish and to aid in promoting vitality to the congregation and its ministry efforts. A council of officers and ministry boards meets once a month to represent the congregation’s interests composed of the following positions:

 Officers consist of church president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer who oversee the ministry, operation, and administration of the church alongside the Pastor.

 Evangelism exists to coordinate efforts within the congregation to reach out into the community to make Christ known and bring people into fellowship with the church.

 Deacons exists alongside the Pastor to aid and encourage the congregation to develop a spiritual life through the church in worship and ministry.

 Stewardship exists to educate and guide congregational members towards a Christian caring attitude to the vision, mission, and goals of the church.

•  Finance exists to plan and recommend the annual budget, provide quarterly reports reflecting financial need and disbursement, inform the congregation and council of financial stability, and provide accounting for the parish.

•  Education exists alongside the Pastor to oversee, develop and administer educational programs such as adult education, Sunday school, and confirmation. The goal is to provide a variety of opportunities for people to grow in knowledge and love of God and ministries of the church.

•  Public Relations exists to advance a positive image of the church through modern media and to welcome visitors before worship.

•  Music and Worship exists alongside the Pastor to oversee and plan warm meaningful worship for the congregation and visitors.

•  Properties exists to plan and coordinate facilities maintenance & repair including the grounds. This function helps ensure the physical plant is in order and neat to project an image of hospitality and welcome.


Planning Group is a group who meets to discuss vision, mission, and goals of the congregation and make recommendations to the council. The group focuses on ministries of worship, education, and community looking at the challenges and opportunities of a “post modern” culture.

Atonement is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA)

Making Christ known through Worship, Education & Community


Music Ministry - The role of music is to engage the people gathered in song and heighten the personal/spiritual experience of Word and Sacrament. Currently, there is one choir group. Special guest singers and musicians are present on special occasions, as well as on Christmas and Easter.


Assisting Minister/Cantor aids the pastor leading worship, including chanting portions of the worship service liturgy, reading psalms (poems), and leading the congregation in prayer.


Acolyte/Crucifer is a ministry which encourages young boys and girls to participate in the worship service through procession of the cross and lighting of the candles. They are trained by the Pastor and their service scheduled in advance.


Altar Guild volunteers work in teams of two or three during the week to fill altar candles with oil, water plants, wash the communion vessels used at worship, and organize worship bulletins. Other members wash and iron the small linens used in worship. The Guild also works to decorate the sanctuary for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. This ministry enhances and supports the liturgy of Word and Sacrament.


Communion Assistants act as host and servant to the people gathered during the sacrament of Holy Communion. They distribute the bread and wine (Body and Blood of Christ) when offered during the worship service. Communion Assistants serve on teams alongside the Pastor and are scheduled in advance.


Lectors bring the Word to life during the liturgy in worship. By proclaiming the Word of God, they grow in their appreciation for scripture and engage the congregation in reflection of their faith. Lectors are scheduled in advance.


Wednesday Prayer - This group gathers for quiet, reflective prayer on Wednesday evenings from 7-7:30 p.m. Occasionally, time is extended to provide instruction and sharing of faith issues.

Community Care

Visits to the Sick or Homebound - When people become sick or homebound and are unable to come to church or to participate in Holy Communion, the Pastor will visit them in their home, the hospital, or in a nursing or assisted living home. Visits are given to bring Christ’s healing presence in prayer, fellowship, and sacrament and continue as long as they are needed. Other members of the congregation may participate or write letters and cards.


Christian Fellowship - Small groups gather around the year to share their experiences, their faith, and their hospitality in friendship. Some of these activities include Christmas gift exchange, Advent dinner/entertainment, and the annual church picnic. During the season of Lent soup suppers are provided on Wednesday evenings


Wedding Coordinators assist the bride and groom in planning the rehearsal and wedding ceremony, and in completing the necessary paperwork. They welcome people of many different faiths and act as liaison to the Pastor.


Care Giver Referrals is a parish ministry in partnership with Francis House in Sacramento. When appropriate, referrals are given to Sacramento County agencies for medical, housing, substance, abuse, legal, counseling, bus passes, clothing vouchers and financial assistance.


Grounds and Trades is a volunteer outlet for people of all skill levels to provide service and community experience in regard to the appearance and functioning of the church facilities.


Communication Arts provides opportunities for individual expression in faith and stewardship in written and visual art. Volunteers are writers, editors, web designers, illustrators, and photographers. (New)


Cordova Community Food Locker - A basket to collect food and clothes for those in need is located in the church throughout the year. This organization was established in 1987 by the combined efforts of individuals in the Rancho Cordova/Sacramento area. Donations are received from local individuals, churches, schools, civic organizations and businesses. 175 regular volunteers manage and distribute the donations.


Adult Forum & Education - Spiritual formation and continued education of adult members and visitors of the congregation is conducted after Sunday worship from 11-12a.m.


Adult Bible Studies are provided each week on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9p.m. A variety of topics and themes are offered according to the needs/wants of the group.


Small Group Learning is held during the week at the church throughout the year.  In addition to men's and women's Bible study, topics of interest involving spiritual formation, spiritual expression and Christ and culture are conducted by individuals as they feel called.


Visitors Welcome is held periodically to help visitors learn more about the structure of the church and it’s opportunities for ministry. Church members and leaders attend and are introduced. Refreshments are served.


The Open House invites people and organizations in the community at large and hosts a dinner and guest speaker event at the church. Topics focus on social issues in the Sacramento metropolitan region which the community of faith and public sector share a concern.

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