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Serve your community with grace

Atonement Lutheran Church provides exceptional ministry services to the community of Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas. Through the example of Jesus Christ, you can grow with ways to forgive and begin the healing process through service.


Change your life for the better while improving the lives of others through selfless service.

Change your life

Listen. Do you hear Him calling you to service? The encouragement and love felt through ministry is part of making your life whole.


Join the thousands of ministry workers all across the globe.

Are you drawn to ministry?

Ministry is a service. It is a service to God and the church and an experience that enriches lives. If you feel a calling to ministry, speak with one of our staff today. Our goal is to welcome anyone who will share in the excitement and joy of service with us.

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Helping to enrich and heal lives

through ministry

• Lutheran social services

• School volunteering

• Rancho Cordova food locker

• Loaves and Fishes

• World Hunger Relief

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Our services are growing! Come join our family and feel surrounded by love and support.

You'll get support through every facet of life.