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One Vision, One Mission

Atonement Lutheran Church shares God's love through worship, education and outreach in the community.


COMMUNITY—Inclusive, bound together by faith not experience, where God’s reality is distinguished from human ideal, where the entire human tradition is embraced and made available to the imagination. Spiritual in and through Christ, where unity is found in truth not emotion, where love does not desire but serves, where anxiety and fear are bridged with new life.


SERVICE—God’s grace proclaimed in worship and education, and through everyday lives of prayer, thanksgiving, and witness. Willing care for one another and neighbor with joyful invitation and guidance to those who seek God and justice.


BALANCE—Traditional religious practice honored and integrated with modern expression, looking forward to new horizons of understanding centered in Christ.


SUSTAINABILITY—A missional church serving the needs of the present, increasingly embodied as Christ in the neighborhood, for meeting the needs of next generations exploring God’s grace.


STEWARDSHIP—The value of God’s blessings expressed in gratitude. A guiding commitment to the vision/mission of the Church with added hope and enlightenment by the Spirit.



always prayer + joyful wonderful worship + trust +honest humanity + faith + hope + love + encounters with Scripture + communication + hospitality + forgiveness + reconciliation + inspiration + community focus + partnership + teamwork + commitment + innovation + freedom with responsibility + courage of being + grace of God

Atonement is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA)

Making Christ known through Worship, Education & Community

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