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Become a program contributor

Our church embraces the life outside our walls with secure arms. Do you want to share in this journey with Atonement Lutheran Church? Our team is always looking for program coordinators to help facilitate good out in the community. Your monetary gift is always welcome. Call today and speak with one of our staff members and share your ideas for a better life through the lessons of God.

Work with people who lend their hand

Reach toward your goals for the community and you'll find our hand reaching back. No matter what, the grace of God orchestrates relationships whose common goal is to help not hinder.

No good deed is left unnoticed

You make a difference, which is why you'll always have a place at Atonement Lutheran Church. Work with our ministry to create your own programs for the community to take advantage of.

Square Square Square

Programs are the backbone of our church

Providing outstanding programs in the community is the backbone of our belief system. Gain perspective and humility when working with those less fortunate than you.

Square Cross

No matter where you are in life, HE is waiting to hear you.

Service of the Lord is a path of grace and understanding.