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Atonement is...

•  A missional church sustained by the Spirit to be witness to God’s creative, redeeming, and sanctifying reality in the world.

•  Dedicated to exploring the meaning, purpose, and diverse expression of God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

•  A place of belonging between the security of private life and the uncertainties of public life where one can be oneself and build trust with others; and to share in the holistic ministry centered on reconciliation.

•  An inclusive congregation which welcomes and encourages all people, regardless of race, language, previous denominational affiliation, gender identity, or sexual orientation to worship with us that we may enjoy all the spiritual gifts that God gives to God's people.


In the Spring of 2013, Atonement celebrated 50 years of worship and ministry in the Rosemont and surrounding areas of the greater Sacramento region. Come worship with us!

A Brief History

Atonement conducted its first worship service on Easter July 14, 1963 on its present site in the suburb of Rosemont. Financial contributions from congregations throughout the country in the 50’s and 60’s made it possible, through The American Lutheran Church, to purchase the land and construct the sanctuary and multi-purpose room still in use.


Over the last 40 years, Atonement lived through what religion observers cite as major shifts in the American church and culture including the decades of religious activism (justice, politics, race relations, war & peace), a gradual erosion of the legitimacy of traditional institutions (business, government, education, the churches, the family), and various expressions attempting to fit God into the world (science, moral challenges, novel problems of knowledge). The modern period, in some respects, reduced God to the “mirror image of culture” catering to the human desire of being autonomous, individualistic, and advancing and maximizing self-interest—using God to construct the world rather than a biblical way of seeing the world.


Today Atonement exists in a post-modern world where “everything is possible and nothing certain” and where church and the Christian message has shifted from a position of influence to a “permitted option in the private sector.” Atonement explores its place as a church in the world (community) even though the Gospel is not of the world and that Christ did not bring a new religion to the world but new life.

Atonement is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA)

Making Christ known through Worship, Education & Community

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